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San Diego Tree Service Pros offers the highest quality  brush clearing services in California, providing your property with better fire protection. These services work to make your property more functional, beautiful, and most importantly, safer. We remove dead trees, overgrown bushes, and other vegetation that can serve as fuel ladders for potential fires. This serves to create a defensive space around your home and makes your property more clean and spacious. We understand every property has unique needs, so we work with our customers to design brush clearing projects that can be completed efficiently and thoroughly, on time and within budget.

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best tree services companies in San Diego California
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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection recommends these brush clearing practices to improve fire protection:

-Trees and plants should be spaced adequately and varied in height.

-Pruning branches up to 6 feet above the ground is necessary to prevent ground fires from spreading into the canopy of trees.

-Vegetation should be removed within 10 feet of each side of your driveway so fire fighting access.

-Limbs should not be  within 10 feet of your chimney.

-Neighboring property owners should work together to clear brush in common areas between buildings, and trim back trees and heavy vegetation that pose a fire risk to both properties.

-Trees should not be placed under or near electrical lines, as windy conditions can push them into contact and spark a fire.

-Remove dead or diseased trees to create healthier growing conditions on your property.

-Keep firewood and scrap wood piles away from structures and clear away combustible vegetation, as they can spark up and start property wide fires.

-Properly dispose of cut vegetation and do not open burn where it is not legal.

-Routinely check and clear  roofs and gutters on all structures several times seasonally to remove debris that can easily ignite from a spark.

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Call us to learn more about our brush clearing and wildfire prevention services. Our courteous and professional representatives are available to meet at your residential or commercial property to determine your goals, and evaluate your property in order to determine the best way to achieve them. We can craft a quote that fits the time and budgetary restraints you need. We have several financing options for those who qualify as well! Don’t wait to take care of such a critical safety measure for your property-contact San Diego Tree Service Pros to take care of your brush clearing and fire protection needs today!